Experience stable and secure endoscopic ear surgery without giving up a hand.

“I love the fact that I can bring my left hand, which is holding Colibri, back into a standard otologic surgical position that makes it stable and secure.”

Dr. Daniel I. Choo, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

Clinical Issues Today

Microscopes work only within their “line of sight” and cannot visualize many hidden recesses.1 Consequently, healthy soft tissue is commonly removed and bone is drilled.2

Current endoscopic surgery requires a challenging single-hand dissection technique.3

Today’s endoscopes are large in diameter, heavy and longer than standard otology tools, and therefore, difficult to stabilize.4

About Colibri™

Colibri™ is purpose-built for the otologist, with stable, lightweight ergonomics allowing you to stabilize your hand against the patient’s head and keep the device precisely where you want it.

Colibri™ integrates suction, so you can enjoy endoscopic vision without sacrificing a hand. 

Our maneuverable, low profile endoscope enables you to go into the ear and obtain close-up views minimizing resection or bone removal.


  • Integrated suction enables 2-handed operation

  • Optimizes hand stability

  • Single-use, eliminates cross contamination risk and sterilization costs

  • Close-up, wide views within the ear

  • As light as your other otology tools

Colibri™ in Action

Visualize the anatomy up-close with Colibri™.

See how Colibri™ integrated suction assists with the removal of tissue.

See how Colibri™ integrated suction assists with prosthesis placement.

“With Colibri™, I can finally use my left hand again to suction.”

Dr. Justin S. Golub, New York-Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center


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