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Peregrine™ Drivable ENT Scope – US

Go deep intra-sinus to see anatomy up-close, with minimal resection.

“It’s all about the visualization and looking at areas I’m not able to see today, either during surgery or in the clinic.”

Prof. Dr. Philippe Gevaert, Ghent University Hospital , Belgium

Clinical Challenges Today

Peregrine™ Drivable ENT Scope – US

The anterior and lateral wall of the maxillary sinus, and the superior and lateral aspects of the frontal sinus, are difficult to reach endoscopically today.1,2

CT scans do not differentiate between soft tissue and secretions in the sinuses, which may result in overinterpretation of lesion extent.3

Frontal sinus mucoceles that extend into the lateral recesses can be difficult to reach endoscopically.2

The most frequent recurrence of inverted papilloma is in tumors located in sites that are difficult to access.3

Peregrine™ Drivable ENT Scope – US

About Peregrine™

Looking at the sinus from a distance is not enough.

The PeregrineTM Drivable ENT Scope enables you to go to the furthest reaches of the sinuses to see anatomic landmarks up-close, with excellent image quality.


Peregrine™ Drivable ENT Scope – US

Peregrine™ Provides Superior Intra-Sinus Visualization4

Peregrine™ Drivable ENT Scope – US

Peregrine™ in Action

See how maneuverable Peregrine™ is in the sinuses.

Visualization of the frontal sinus with Peregrine™ in the clinic.

“Today, I can’t get to key areas in the frontal and maxillary sinus without significant resection. With Peregrine™, I will be able to go into the most difficult areas of the sinuses and ensure I have addressed all pathology.”

Dr. Ethan Soudry, Rabin Medical Center, Israel


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